NeuroKom® IP

DS 9500-LI Art.-Nr.: T90950010

  • Modular desk station
  • 10.1" multi-touch display
  • NeuroKom® IP technology
  • Multifunctional solution
  • SIP compatible
NeuroKom Modul-Tischsprechstelle mit 10.1'' Multi-Touch-Display DS 9500-LI: Gehrke


Neural dest station as an "all-in-one" device. Can be used as a communication and security terminal. Equipped with a multifunctional interface as standard, which also enables the management of media, voice communication, incoming and outgoing event information, selection keypad, destination and function keys as well as video image displays.

There are different software apps available that allow individualization of the user interface up to the integration of building graphics and displays across several levels and plans. In addition, an app can be used to activate a separate event management system, which enables independent activities with regard to command output, system processes, automatic test routines, also across trades, including their documentation using log files.

  • Touch-Display, 10,1" , capacitive
  • Standard user interface equipped with keyboard, speed dial lists, message window, video window
  • On request, the surface can be changed according to customer requirements
  • Integrated electret microphone Elektretmikrofon
  • Loudspeaker(5 Watt)
  • Handset module can be docked
  • Voice quality up to HDSPTM (broadband G.722)
  • Headset connection
  • Gooseneck microphone can be retrofitted
  • Echo cancellation for duplex operation
  • Microphone sensitivity and volume adjustable via integrated WEB browser
  • Volume control can also be set using hardware buttons
  • Multi-function and delete button additionally as hardware button
  • USB interface for additional devices
  • Up to 64 I/O can be connected via the I²C interface
  • Network connection: RJ 45, VLAN-compatible, cabling from CAT 4
  • Operatin voltage: POE / class 0
  • Compatible with all SIP products (Session Initiation Protocol)

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Operating voltage:PoE / Class "0"
Surface:Foil surface in aluminum design (Autotype F150), disinfectant resistant
Network protocols:IP, TCP; UDP, ARP, IGMP, SIP, RTP, SNMP, HTTP, TFTP
Operating system:


+ Linux for graphic designs

Interface:LAN, I²C, USB, I/Os
Frequency range:

Depending on the codec, limited by loudspeaker

- G711 / 3,4 kHz

- G722 / 7 kHz

- PCM32 / 15 kHz

- PCM44 / 21 kHz

Power consumption:ca. 10 Watt (without additional amplifier)
Ambient temperature:-5 °C to +40 °C

Broadband, 8 Ohm / 8 Watt

Sound pressure: 1 W / 1 m - 87 dB

Frequency range: 150–20000 Hz


Directional characteristic: omnidirectional

-65 db +/-3 (0db=1V/pa 1kHz)

Speaking distance up to 8 m (depending on room and ambient acoustics)

Gooseneck microphone can be retrofitted

Video presentation:HD 720p / 30fps
USB connection:For additional internal devices
Protection class:IP 54
Dimensions:(H x W x D)
30-65 x 366 x 248 mm
Recommended accessories:

Key module: TL 908-11

Dispatcher control desk: WS 928-TLS

Handset module: HH 900