NeuroKom® IP

System 9000

  • System with neural architecture
  • Self-building intelligence
  • Without central equipment
  • Up to 9000 NeuroUnit® components
  • No "single point of failure"
  • SIP-compatible


Intercom system without a server.

  • The basis of the NeuroKom® technology is the orientation towards artificial, neural networks.
  • The NeuroKom® IP technology completely dispenses with central components.
  • The intelligence of the system increases with the number of units in the network, the NeuroUnit® components.
  • NeuroUnit® components are intelligent network participants that can implement all the capabilities of the NeuroKom® principle even in the smallest combination (2 units).
  • A total of up to 9000 NeuroUnit® units can currently work together in a network, each of which can take on different tasks and deal with the respective location.

All known options from the field of intercom solutions, but also telecommunications and network solutions, are available in terms of performance features.

NeuroKom® IP eliminates the media break between telecommunication, intercom and network technology. This means that far more flexible solutions are possible than in the past.

It is particularly important to have a simple and clearly structured administration option and interface for everyone. NeuroKom® IP combines these requirements with the security requirements of the network administrators and reduces the effort for system training to an absolute minimum.

NeuroKom® IP [Video]


Communication protocols:NKKPF, SIP, IAX2, H 323
Audio transmission codecs: G 711, G722, PCM 16, PCM 32, PCM 48
Voice transmission rates:

Speech: 3.4 kHz

Speech: 7 kHz

Full-Audio: 8 kHz (opt.)

Full-Audio: 16 kHz (opt.)

Full-Audio: 24 kHz (opt.)

Management protocols: SNMP, OPC, NKMP
Audio output power: 0,8 Watt - 40 Watt, depending on configuration
Operating voltage: PoE, PoE+ and 48 VDC external
System extension: up to 9,000 NeuroUnit® components