NeuroKom® IP

WS 938-3-NGRS Art.-Nr.: T90938300

  • NeuroKom® IP Technology
  • Serverless emergency call station
  • 1 Emergency button and 3 target buttons
  • According to DIN VDE V 0827
  • Emergency and danger response systems
  • Flush-mounted or wall-mounted fitting
  • SIP compatible
NeuroKom IP serverlose Schulsprechstelle, Klassenzimmer Sprechstelle, mit Notfalltaste hinter Glas und drei Zieltasten, WS 938-3-NGRS: Gehrke
NeuroKom serverlose Schulsprechstelle, Klassenraum Sprechstelle, mit Notfalltaste hinter Glas WS 938-3-NGRS: Gehrke
NeuroKom IP serverlose Schulsprechstelle, Klassenzimmer Sprechstelle, mit Notfalltaste hinter Glas und drei Zieltasten, WS 938-3-NGRS: Gehrke


Neural and serverless emergency and danger response systems / school intercom with 1 emergency call via push button secured behind glass and 3 call buttons for organisational tasks. Displays for device "in operation" and microphone "active".

The emergency call stations can be used in schools, educational institutions or in public buildings and are suitable for triggering an emergency call or amok alarm, communicating with assistance centers, acoustic warnings or instructions.

It can be used either as a built-in or wall-mounted device, with a separate flush-mounted or surface-mounted housing.

  • 1 emergency call unit  according to DIN VDE V 0827
  • 3 call buttons with labelling field
  • 1 function display by means of LED "Operation"
  • 1 microphone display "active" via LED
  • Loudspeaker (3 Watt)
  • Electret microphone (omnidirectional)
  • Echo Cancellation for Duplex operation
  • Function monitoring with messages via SNMP possible
  • Microphone sensitivity and volume adjustable via integrated WEB browser
  • Integrated USB interface for additional devices
  • Up to 64 I/O or sensors can be connected via I²C adapters
  • Connection options for 2 potential-free inputs
  • 2 output relays can be used for control functions or as attendant contacts, switching capacity 2A / 30V
  • Network connection: RJ45, VLAN-capable, cabling at least Cat. 4
  • Operating voltage: PoE / class 0
  • Compatible with all SIP products (Session Initiation Protocol)


Surface: Foil surface in aluminum design (Autotype F150), disinfectant resistant
Network protocols:IP, TCP, UDP, ARP, IGMP, SIP, RTP, SNMP, HTTP, TFTP
Operating system:ellan:RTOS
Frequency range:

Depending on the codec, limited by loudspeaker

- G711 / 3,4 kHz

- G722 / 7 kHz

- PCM32 / 15 kHZ

- PCM44 / 21 kHz

Energy consumption:max. 4 W (without additional amplifier)
Operating voltage: PoE / classe 0
Ambient temperature:-20 °C to +50 °C

(H x W x D)

248 x 122 x 7 mm (front panel)

Protection class:IP 54

Broadband, 8 Ohm

Sound pressure: 1 W / 1 m - 93 dB

Frequency range: 200 Hz - 16 kHz +/-10 dB


Directional characteristic: omnidirectional

-65 dB +/-3 (0 dB = 1 V/pa 1 kHz)

Speaking distance up to 8 m (depending on room and ambient acoustics)

Amplifier power:

A-amplifier: 2,5 W / 4 Ohm

B-amplifier (optional): 25 W

Recommended accessories:

Key module: TL 908-11

Dispatcher control desk: WS 928-TLS

Flush housing: UG 900

Cavity-wall mounted set: HWM-UPK10/UG 900

Surface-mounted housing: AG 900