For all needs a solution.

Tribunals, prisons, forensic clinics

  • Judge intercom stations
  • Courtroom management with hall displays, overview and navigation display
  • Cell stations according to VDE 0834
  • Witnesses call and court management
  • Emergency call intercoms, even in vandal-proof design, and also acc. VDE 0834 for disabled toilet rooms
  • Alarm announcements, house alarm and evacuation
  • Communication to and control of security locks
  • Control desk solutions for gates and security centres
  • Multi-touch and gestures optimized operator workstations (visualized workplaces)
  • PA solutions
  • Personal emergency call and officials alarm system
  • Transmission of silent alarms
  • Counter intercom
  • Elevator stations and elevator emergency call system acc. EN 81-28 / 81-70
  • Information stations
  • Intercom stations of doors, locks, gates and barriers
  • Monitoring and control of doors and gates
  • Monitoring of evidence room
  • Direct communication to various areas of the buildings
  • Lighting and media control
  • Flexible call forwarding
  • Video monitoring and video integration

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